Italiano Classico Basil

Italiano Classico Basil

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You want it real? You want it Genovese!
Beautiful and colourful seed packets, made from sustainable and recyclable materials
Varieties chosen for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.

Genovese Basil is perhaps the most famous sweet basil variety in the world. Known for its use in pesto, the best Genovese Basil is said to be grown in western Genoa, Italy. So, why is Genovese Basil so special? Its round leaves are dark green and appear more matte than those of its shinier cousin, Common Basil. The taste is also more ‘matte’, if that makes sense – the basil flavour is
more concentrated and is somehow less sweet. What is certain is that Genoese people take their beloved baxaicò (as they call it) and their pesto very seriously; Genovese Basil has even gained DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) status from the Italian Government.

Plant size Height 40cm, Width 20cm
Container size Height 20 cm, Width 20 cm
Companion plant Tomatoes, peppers, oregano, parsley, garlic chives, alpine strawberries
Sowing Indoor Feb-Mar
Outdoor Apr-June

Medicinal properties
Refreshing and relaxing, basil stimulates appetite and lifts the mood.
How to eat
Take two cloves of garlic, a pinch of salt, one tablespoon of pine nuts, thirty leaves of Genovese Basil, six tablespoons of Parmesan cheese, two tablespoons of Pecorino cheese and half a cup of olive oil. Add them to a pestle and mortar in this order, pounding them together. Mash slowly until you are happy with the flavour and consistency. Hey presto, that’s pesto!