THYME De Provence

THYME De Provence

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You say Mediterranean food, I say ‘Thyme de Provence’!
Beautiful and colourful seed packets, made from sustainable and recyclable materials
Varieties chosen for pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.

Thyme De Provence, or ‘Summer Thyme’, is a popular perennial herb that is well known for itsculinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. With its tiny, soft, grey-green leaves and small, pinkish flowers, Thyme de Provence is spicier than common thyme and is the preferred option in authentic French cuisine. In fact, it is the leading component in the famous Herbes de Provence
dried-herb mix, as well as in the Bouquet garni – a bundle of string-tied herbs used to flavour soups and stews. Thyme can be found beyond the library’s ‘cookery’ section, though; it has
long been a key ingredient in folk medicine and is listed frequently in spell handbooks. Historically, it’s had a major role in vision-inducing love potions, fairy-producing unguents and, as the botanist
Nicholas Culpeper recommended, nightmare remedies.

Plant size
Height 15cm, Width 20cm
Container size Height 20cm, Width 20cm
Companion plant Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, oregano, alpine strawberries
Sowing Indoor Feb-Mar
Outdoor Apr-June

Medicinal properties
Refreshing and relaxing, basil stimulates appetite and lifts the mood.
How to eat
Thyme De Provence works well in all Mediterranean meat and vegetable recipes, as testified by its presence in the classic Arabic Za’atar spice blend. When combined with honey, thyme can be used across the spectrum of dishes, from salads to sweet treats (especially those containing complementary lemon or orange flavours).