Hoya Australis, 12cm Pot

Hoya Australis, 12cm Pot

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This Hoya will definitely give your room more of a jungle vibe! These are sought after and quite hard to find! If you like trailing house plants then this is definitely one for you! They also will give you white, star-shaped flowers that have a lemon scent to them.

Plant Care

Light: Put in a bright but indirect light, and keep it warm. Leaves will burn and shrivel in intense direct sun

Repotting: As a general rule of thumb, Hoyas need repotting much less frequently than other plants and are content to be in the same pot for years.

Water : Allow the entire potting mix to dry out before you consider watering again, and then give a good drenching and let it drain. Don't let it sit in water or allow it to remain soggy for long periods. Water thoroughly about once a week in the summer and perhaps gently once every two weeks in the winter


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