Hand Painted Terracotta Trays

Hand Painted Terracotta Trays

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These useful terracotta trays are hand-painted with a white zig-zag design. All trays are made by local artisans in villages of West Bengal.

Material: Terracotta
Additional info: Natural materials and handmade items may vary in shape and colour
Measures: 15X10X4cm


Terracotta is literally baked earth.
The natural, clay-based material, which only requires low temperatures to harden, allows a simple and sustainable production.

The products are fired in kilns built from recycled bricks and heated with firewood.
All vases are thrown and decorated by the hands of local artisans in villages of West Bengal in Eastern India.

For this reason, variations in size, shape and decoration naturally occur. The human touch cannot be overlooked and that is exactly what makes each vase beautiful.

The item may get damp when containing water over time.