Ash + Ember Luna Aromatherapy Candle

Ash + Ember Luna Aromatherapy Candle

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Luna is the perfect candle to set the note for a good nights sleep and help your body enter a deep state of relaxation. With its special blend of lavender and sage essential oil, Luna has positive effects on improving mood, stress and anxiety.

We recommend lighting the candle a couple of hours before bed while enjoying some me-time reading a book or winding down with some meditation or breathing exercises to help you on your way to a restful nights sleep.


Lavender - Improves sleep and aids relaxation

Sage - Improves mood and reduces anxiety

+ Soy Wax

+ 100% Essential Oil

+ Cotton Wick

+ Contains no Paraffin Wax or Synthetic Fragrances

+ Approximate 35 Hours Burn Time

+ Vegan Friendly