Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry

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An old, sweet German to tempt your taste buds!
Beautiful and colourful seed packets, made from sustainable and recyclable materials
Varieties chosen pot growing: compact, dwarf varieties, suitable for terrace garden spaces.

The Baron von Solemacher alpine strawberry is an antique German variety that yields dainty clusters of deep red, sweet and juicy berries, which can be up to 25 mm in diameter. Although we aren’t sure who the Baron was, we know that this variety was first offered by F.C. Heinemann, a German seed merchant, in 1935. Alpine strawberries are hardy perennial plants that will flower and fruit from late spring until the first frosts. It’s also an early-fruiting variety – the first strawberries may develop as quickly as 3 months after sowing. They make a joyous addition to
pastries but are also popular in their raw state – young and old alike will love the sweetness and heady aroma of these strawberries, which fill any room with a beautiful fragrance.

Seeds 250
Plant size
Height 15 cm, Width 15 cm
Container size Height 20 cm, Width 30 cm
Companion plant Thyme, borage, lettuces, onions, spinach
Sowing Indoor Apr-May
Outdoor Apr-June

Medicinal properties
The juice of alpine strawberries can be applied to the skin to help eliminate wrinkles, apparently!
How to eat
Alpine strawberries can be cooked and used in jams, tarts and other sweet treats. But, in my opinion, the best way to experience their delicious flavour and scent is to grow them in your garden and eat them fresh, straight from plant to mouth.