Tiny Tim Tomato

Tiny Tim Tomato

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Tiny Tim, the best dwarf tomato in the land!

When it comes to dwarf-type tomatoes, Tiny Tim is a reference point for the category, with a pedigree that dates back to 1800. Interest in dwarf tomatoes began in Europe in the late sixteenth century. In the following four centuries, notable horticulturalists and seedsmen contributed to the breeding selection, leading to, among many other varieties, this compact tomato, developed in 1949 at the University of New Hampshire. The result is astonishing: an erect, tree-like plant with short branches, curled to wrinkled leaves of a remarkably deep green colour and, last but not least, clusters of delicious, cherry-size, bright red fruits!

Seeds 200 seeds
Plant size Height 30cm, Width 25cm
Container size Height 20 cm, Width 20 cm
Companion plant Basils, nasturtium, okra, garlic chives, borage, mint
Sowing Indoor Feb-Mar, Outdoor Apr-May