Spread-out Six Pack
Spread-out Six Pack
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Spread-out Six Pack

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The plants in this six pack like to spread out: they grow outwards, sideways, towards the floor, really any way but straight up. You'll get two creepers (one ivy and one tradescantia), two ferns (a rabbit's foot and a crocodile), and two spider plants (variegated and solid green).

Note: the collection in pots includes pots and baskets but NOT metal plant stands

Plant care:

Chlorophytum -- Spider Plant

  • Light: Anything from light shade to bright, soft light. Keep out of harsh direct sun.
  • Water : Low maintenance on water. Allow the top of the soil to dry out between watering. Stick a finger in his soil every week or so, and if it comes out dry, it's time for a drink.

  • Hedera Helix  -- English Ivy

    Tradescantia -- Wandering Willy

    Light: Young creeping vines will get crispy in full sun, so make sure to pick a shadier spot.
    Water: Keep the soil damp to the touch in summer, and let dry on top in the winter. It's often easiest to water a creeper from the bottom of the pot -- let the plant stand in an inch or so of water overnight, then let drain and dry.
    Humidity: Ivy plants prefer higher humidity. A shower room is a good spot, or they're happy with occasional mistings. Tradescantia are happy anywhere.

    Davallia fejeensis -- Rabbit's foot fern

    Light: Like all ferns, it prefers a bit of shade, but a davallia can cope with brighter conditions as long as it's out of direct sun. An east-facing room is best.
    Water: The easiest way to water this is to spray it every day. Davallia absorbs most of its water through the hairs on its aerial roots, not from its soil. Think "a little bit but often" as a watering principle.

    Microsorium musifolium ‘Crocydyllus'-- Crocodile Fern

    Light: Moderate to low-light spaces are best. Too much bright light and the plant will suffer.
    Water: Keep the compost damp. Don't let the plant stand in water -- it does need adequate circulation from the bottom of the pot so it has a chance to dry, but it never wants to be completely dry. Like all ferns the crocodile benefits from a humid space. 

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