Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii - Lemon Button Fern, 12cm Pot

Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii - Lemon Button Fern, 12cm Pot

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A beautiful fern with arching branches with small, rounded bright-to-yellow-green pinnae.

It is one of the easiest ferns to care for - making it ideal for both novice and expert plant collectors


  • Light: Like all ferns, it prefers a moderate, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight or low light

  • Water: Water around the plant directly onto the soil as watering the centre of the plant may cause it to rot. Make sure it's always a little damp but not soggy

  • Humidity: This plant prefers humidity. Keep it in a kitchen, shower room, or mist it regularly. 

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