Euphorbia Ingens - African Milk Tree, 130cm

Euphorbia Ingens - African Milk Tree, 130cm

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Euphorbia ingens (also known as Good Luck Cactus) is a succulent plant that grows into a tree. It is is a an easy care plant that originates from South Africa and makes a fascinating architectural addition to the home.  It can grow up to 12 meters in height, in the right circumstances! it is a flowering species. It blooms from autumn throughout winter.

Plant Care
choose a sunny spot in full sun where it can get loads of light.

Water: In its natural habitat, Euphorbia ingens can survive long droughts. In fact, it is more of a desert plant. Therefore, it is advisable to limit watering to once every two weeks. As the temperature starts to drop in the second half of the year, reduce watering to once a month.Similarly, these plants do not require feeding very often. You can feed your plant in spring.

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