Hot Pepper Chocolate Habanero

Hot Pepper Chocolate Habanero

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A rich chocolate, lantern-shaped Caribbean chili


Chocolate Habanero has little in common with its sugary and sweet namesake, save for its gorgeous, deep-brown colour. Considered one of the hottest varieties in the habanero family (with up to 450,000 Scoville units), this chili is definitely one for heat lovers. Also known as Congo Black, Habanero Negro and Black Habanero – names likely coined by English spice traders in the 19th century – its exotic, rich, smoky flavour can have a dramatic effect upon a finished dish. Named after the city of La Havana in Cuba, this family of peppers is thought to have originated in the Amazon region, although habaneros are also are very popular in the Caribbean

Seeds 10
Plant size
Height 70cm, Width 45cm
Container size Height 30cm, Width 30 cm
Companion plant Basils, okra, onions, calendula, mints, oregano, thyme
Sowing Indoor Feb-Mar
Outdoor May-June

Medicinal properties
Contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Can help relieve pain.
How to eat
Try them fresh from the plant, chopped and added to salads. Use them as a garnish for Caribbean recipes or add them to salsas, marinades and bottled condiments.