St. Eval - Pot Candle, Tranquility

St. Eval - Pot Candle, Tranquility

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These beautifully simple, sand finished pots are filled with some of our favourite St. Eval scents. Tranquility is a very relaxing blend of lavender, orange & yang Lang. 

Burn time: approx 20 hours
Size: 7.2cm x 7.1cm
Hand poured 

St Eval create their own unique blends of wax and fragrance to ensure a consistent aroma and superior burn quality. The candle wax is a combination of mineral and vegetable waxes and does not contain any animal products

About St Eval

Unique Scents  | Small scale production | Sustainable

Nestled in a farm in the heart of North Cornwall St Eval have been making candles by hand for 25 years.

We love their candles not only because of the gorgeous scents, but also because of their environmental ethos - they use recyclable packaging and are close to being carbon neutral. They produce their own energy via wind, solar and biomass power.
They actively support local charities that help enable people with learning disabilities or emotional impairments to have opportunities in the workplace.