Alicante Pots - Curry

Alicante Pots - Curry

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Beautiful glazed pots. These pots are handmade, so each of them has its own character and slight variations in colour. 


20cm x 18cm (outside diameter x height) 18cm x 17cm (inside diameter x height)

17cm x 15cm (outside diameter x height) 15cm x 14cm (inside diameter x height)

15cm x 14cm (outside diameter x height) 13cm x 13cm (inside diameter x height)

13cm x 12cm (outside diameter x height) 11cm x 11cm (inside diameter x height)

11cm x 10cm (outside diameter x height) 9cm x 9cm (inside diameter x height)


When buying decorative pots without drainage - always choose a pot at least 1cm larger than the diameter of the plastic pot you wish to put inside - so it fits easily and you can remove for watering.  If you want to add a saucer or drainage material at the bottom then make sure it is also taller than the plastic pot.  Have a look at our plant pot size guide for more advice on choosing pots.