Cactus, 17cm Pot
Cactus, 17cm Pot
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Cactus, 17cm Pot

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Quite a beast! A large spiky cactus. This type of cacti come form Mexico and down throughout South America. Flowers are tube-like and the floral tubes are normally pollinated by bats. 

This beast comes a in a 17cm Inner pot and is approx 35cm tall overall 

About Cacti
Cacti live in hot, dry conditions where most other plants would die. They can store large amounts of water to keep them alive through long droughts.

Cacti are very easy to take care of. They will tolerate lower light conditions, but thrive in sun, and need very little water. The biggest risk is over watering which will turn them to mush. Try to make your cacti believe they are in the desert.

They rarely have leaves, because leaves mean moisture loss. Instead many have developed hard spikes, which  minimise evaporation and keep animals away. 

Bright light is best, as bright as possible

Little water:
A small drink when the soil is fully dry, even less in winter

Feed once a month, with cacti feed in the summer months only

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